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I feel like an archivist. Today I gave my collection an official title, in line with DACS guidelines (Society of American Archivist’s Describing Archives: a Content Standard). It seems like a really minor thing, but as it will be the collection’s official name in the catalog for the remainder of its life, I am pretty excited. I feel like it is really my collection, especially as I am spending hours on the encoding. It will be interesting to reflect on how I feel after it is finished and put on a shelf to hopefully be used by lots of people. I can only hope.

There will probably be other occasions which help me feel like a professional, but this is the first one that really struck me. It is not an exercise to be done in class, but a real-life event. Having my supervisor tell me that she approved of the name I had chosen made me feel like very proud. I am sure naming collections will seem like a minor detail in the future, but for now, it is a momentous occurrence. I guess the fact that I am appreciating these tiny victories are proof that I have chosen the right profession.