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Archivists and Librarians are aware that there is a divide between our professions originating long, long ago. For everyone else, I will explain slightly. Archivists and Librarians have related but different professions. With librarians being the more well known in the public sphere, archivists seem to be in a constant battle to prove those differences and assert themselves as unique. It is important, as with any other profession, to demonstrate our worth. This can come at a price, however. There seems to be some animosity between the two professions. This is not necessarily embodied in the actual people, but in the professions as a whole. I am not sure how prevalent this is, as I have been in the professional realm for only a few weeks, but in the reading we were assigned in class, it was certainly visible.

I would like to say that this clash, if it exists, is completely unnecessary. The topic for this post came to mind because the collection I am currently working on had little or no context surrounding it when I first received it. In the past few days, I have asked for and promptly received an incredible amount of help from two local librarians. I was stumbling around looking for information that not even the all-powerful internet (more on that subject later) could provide until I contacted these people and they gave me the information I asked for along with even more they had found and the ever present offer to do more research for me if I needed.

I hope that throughout my career I will remember these people and attempt to forge a strong bond with librarians I am sure to meet in the future. We are vital to one another’s livelihoods and should never feel the need to be at odds. Thank you to all the librarians out there who are kind to us archivists.