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This is my last week at my internship. I am actually quite sad to see it end. I have had a wonderful time with the people I have met, the encouragement I have received, and the many skills I have learned. I figured that I have been fairly vague about what I have actually been doing, so it is time to reveal the projects I have completed.

Dun da duh!

The first project I worked on, (and the one I formed quite the emotional connection to as it was my very first archival collection which I processed all by myself!) was the Howard Droker and Keith A. Murray Collection on Native American Fishing Rights. I did write a short post about it here when I first completed it. Though it seems fairly simple and straightforward now that I have completed much more complicated tasks, it was completely nerve-wracking at the time. Because of this collection, I learned about the Boldt case, and about the importance and history of fishing in the Pacific Northwest. The collection itself is fascinating and full of secondary sources as well as court documents.

You can check out the finding aids I created on the Western Washington University library page here. Or on the consortium website Northwest Digital Archives. (The NWDA one is prettier)

I also am quite grateful to the Seattle Public library for their assistance in locating more information about Howard Droker.

I will write about my other accomplishments and adventures as the week goes on!