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The second collection I have to show off has plenty of pretty mountain pictures to keep your attention.

Like this one:

Look at that beautiful citation… And of course the beautiful view!

This image comes from the Grant Senour Photograph Collection. For this project, I digitized loose photographs as well as photograph albums, used Photoshop to add the citations and watermarks, and then uploaded them and their related metadata to the library website using Contentdm. You can check out the full collection here: Senour (Grant) Photographs. The majority of the images focus on the Cascade and Olympic Mountain Ranges and specific mountains in the Washington area between 1937 and 1954. They are pretty spectacular.

This project was also my first adventure into Contentdm… and what an adventure it was! Though it was a little frustrating to figure out all of the peculiarities with the program (some of which created the frustration voiced in this post), the way it compiles information and is able to use Excel/ tab-delimited files makes for a lot less mindless inputting by me.

So check out the gorgeous photos! I can look at mountains any day of the week!