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Welcome to my first post since moving to my new internship! It has been… about a month now, but with all the commuting… and, let’s face it, the sunshine, I have put off writing. Plus, I honestly had not thought of anything to write about until today. 
I was reminded today of an entertaining incident that happened to a friend about two months ago. She works at the Records Center for the university, which involves A LOT of lifting and moving boxes. One day, she somehow ended up with two big box burns on the inside of her wrists.
Aside: for those of you who have never had the privilege of a box burn, it happens when cardboard, (the exposed corrugated edges if you’re really lucky) scrape against your skin. Yeow. 
Anyway, my friend’s boss saw the burns. His response? “You’ll have to wear a teeshirt all week to show those off.”
And so, today Megan, I thought of you as a box of folders slipped and stung my upper arm. It is nowhere near as impressive, but it sure woke me up. 

I was also reminded today of how my boss at my previous internship would make jokes about how people think there are no occupational hazards involved with working in an archive. Which is true if you don’t think about the cuts from cardboard (I think I get paper cuts of some kind almost every day), the possibility of becoming allergic to mold and dust or egascerbating existing allergies, and my favorite: the endless possibility of falling from a tipsy ladder (which happens to be 15 feet tall and you were reaching for the top shelf) holding a 40 pound box. We sure know how to live dangerously, don’t we?

Other than my daily death-defying stunts, my new internship is enjoyable. Very different, but it is nice to get a new perspective. I will try to make my next post an analysis of the pros and cons of working for the federal government vs. a smaller institution. If anyone has any input, I would love to hear it! It doesn’t have to be related directly to archives either. I have a feeling many situations reach across disciplines. 

I am currently processing records pertaining to Region 6 of the US Forest Service (Oregon, around Mt. Hood). More to come as I continue that adventure.