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I’m more than a little behind, but in honor of Preservation Awareness Week a few weeks ago, a bit of haiku fever struck the National Archives. I was lucky enough to stumble across these lovely haiku today. They made this pseudo- Monday quite enjoyable. My favorites come from the Riverside branch and can be found on their Tumblr.

Some examples:

Stacks cold as new snow
Negatives belong here but
I need three sweaters

Other great ones that made me sincerely laugh out loud can be found on the Preservation at the National Archives Tumblr.

Mold flies through the air.
Holy cow, it’s in my hair.
I need a shower.

Gretchen Shoemaker (St. Louis)

And, lastly, my favorite:

Purgatory is
Surely an eternity
Of pulling staples

Ain’t that the truth. The Forest Service circa 1970 stapled things like staples were going out of style…


Photo: Microsoft Clip Art, slightly edited by me.

I am trying to come up with my own. Leave any ideas in the comments, even if they aren’t about archives! Maybe it will inspire you to write haiku about your own profession!

Stay tuned for the anniversary of the United States Constitution