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Hello everyone! After a busy weekend spreading the word, the petition against the closure of the Georgia State Archives has (at this current time) 13,151 signatures! Congratulations! If you haven’t already, you can sign the petition here.

The movement is garnering a lot of press. Here are a few of the links, courtesy of the Georgians against Closing State Archives Facebook page.

The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento, CA “Cuts to Georgia Archive Access Draw Protest”Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Supporters rally against Georgia Archives Closure”
(Republished by George Mason University)
Clayton News Daily: “Area Officials Mourn Georgia Archives’ Closing”

Support has been given in the form of public letters by:
The Society of American Archivists
Association of Canadian Archivists
American Library Association
American Historical Association

The country (and the world!) is rallying in support of Georgia. You can too! Remember, it’s not just their fight in another state. It affects us all.